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2017 MW Charles W.Froessel Award


The evening opened with excitement and anticipation. We Prayed for Hope and Peace with RW Jay Austin, then we all pledged allegiance to the Flag of Our Country. W Andrew Kruzykowski gave us a short synopsis of what the Queens Masonic Association (QMA) is all about, helping Lodges and Brothers to make it through hard times and giving to charitable societies within our district. He told us any Masonic Member can join and that we are united in helping all of our Brothers.




W Richard Araya then spoke about the QMA and then he asked everyone there to stand and raise their glass to the memory of RW Thomas Nazario. Brother Tom was one of the strongest Pillars of Masonry in Queens and he will be tremendously missed. W Rich then gave us some information about the MW Judge Charles Froessel, and his very colorful life as a Queens and Grand Lodge Mason. This award is to honor his life by giving it to those Brothers who show diligence and hard work in the Queens area.




RW Joseph Saglimbene went on to introduce the many RW’s as well as all the Grand Lodge Dignitaries in the room. Then we started with our salad.




When we had finished our salad, RW Joe called three Brothers up to the front of the room, Brother Jason Graham, Brother Galen Kaback and W Michael Holtz. He then proceeded to award them, as the first Brothers, not Right Worshipfuls, with the MW Charles W. Froessel Award. You can imagine their surprise! We then were served our delicious dinners by the staff of Filomena’s.




After having our main course RW George Wacob presented RW Jamshed Ghadiali, this year’s recipient of the MW Charles W. Froessel Award, with the plaque of the award. W Michael Holtz then presented Brother Jamshed with the QMA Medallion. Both presentations were accompanied by thunderous applause!




Then it was RW Larry Hammel Jr’s words of high praise for the recipient. RW Jamshed is a very hard worker in the district, has a great sense of humor while being a humble man and Mason. Brother Jamshed has given over two hundred pints of blood during his years as a Mason. He has raised over $11,000 towards cancer research, as well as helping to rebuild his Church. The large turnout shows how much he is honored in the Queens District. We all appreciate all of his hard work in the Queens District and the Grand Lodge.




RW Marino Cesarini then told us about Brother Jamshed and how he is the hardest working Mason in the Queens District. The turn-out at this event is testimony to all the work he has done in the District.




RW Gregory Noulas and the Purple Circle congratulated Brother Jamshed for all the hard work he has done in the District and in Masonry.




RW Nicholas Paulicelli, Junior Grand Warden, spoke of the receipients of this award and that it was an honor and privilege to be with his Brothers this evening.




RW Spiro Triantafilis thanked Brother Jamshed for all the work he quietly does within the District. Brother Spiro also thanked Brother Joe Saglimbene for his hard work in setting up the evening.




Then RW Jamshed thanked everyone for being there and for all the kind words that were said about him. He also spoke about RW Tom Nazario and wished him Peace. Brother Jamshed gave us a talk about how he had achieved becoming a Mason in India and coming to America and being accepted in Service Lodge as a Man and Mason. He congratulated the 3 Brothers that also received the new Froessel Award and how he looked forward to working with them to make Masonry great again.




He also said, that “action counts more than talking about doing things”. He said that Past Masters should keep their mouths shut and let the new Master of the Lodge do their job! You need to reach “Nirvana” every time you sit in Lodge! He also said that we have 1009 Brothers in Queens, Nassau and Brooklyn and we should try and plan combined meetings with as many Lodges as we can!




Make it that Brothers want to come to Lodge and that younger Brothers bring in older Brothers who haven’t been coming to Lodge. He then thanked all the Veterans for their service to our country, through all the confrontations, and thanked them for their sacrifices.




The Deputy Grand Master, RW William Sardone, was last to speak and he also thanked R W Jamshed for all his years of hard work and hoped that this example would inspire other Brothers to follow in Brother Jamshed’s footsteps. DGM William also said the QMA does great work and that he remembered that MW Charles Froessel went to Antarctica while he was a Mason! He thanked everyone for coming, especially the Entered Apprentices and the Fellowcrafts.




With that the evening was just about over, RW Jay Austin concluded the festivities with a Benediction and thanked the GAOTU for Marcia Marksheid and her help in RW Jay Marhsheid’s service to Masonry.




With that we all had coffee and cake and bid each other farewell until the next time we meet.




In Masonry,


W Nick Isabella


Queens Historian











































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