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2018 MW Charles W.Froessel Award


On Thursday, October 18, 2018, the Queens Masonic Association Inc. honored RW Gregory Noulas with the Distinguished Service Award at Felomena’s Restaurant in Franklin Square. RW Gregory truly exemplifies what it means to be a Mason, and his long list of achievements over the years proves this!


RW Gregory was Raised in Francis Lewis Lodge #273 in 1998 and he never stopped to look back. Over the years he has been a leader in many Masonic Associations always striving to make each one better than when he started working with them. He has been outspoken on many issues always trying to improve our great Masonic organization and always succeeding! W Andrew Kruzykowski said of RW Gregory that he knows all of the people in Masonry and is very happy to introduce you whomever you wish! RW Greg strives for goodness from all the Masons who know him, and usually he eats it!


RW George Wacob was Grand Stewart when he was District Deputy, said that RW Greg was always a team player and has the ability to bring Brothers together. It was because of RW Greg and RW George that the Masters and Brothers of all the Queens Lodges came together to form a stronger Masonic bond with each other and we still feel this today. RW Greg has been a mentor to all the Masters of Francis Lewis Lodge as well as being very active in the Queens Masonic Association.


RW Richard T. Schulz, Grand Secretary, spoke next and said RW Greg does so many things that no one ever sees, all the things that he does make Brothers do things to help their Lodges and makes them participate more in Masonry. Now that RW Greg is retired he will do more in the committees he is involved in.


RW Steven A. Rubin, Grand Treasurer, said RW Greg stands on the shoulders of giants because he has influenced all of the Brothers in the room in many ways. RW Steven said he could not find a finer Mason or Brother anywhere and thanked RW Greg for all his help over the years.


MW Vincent Libone asked RW Greg to help them in the Grand Lodge, saying he was the best District Deputy’s ever and a very talented Mason!


Then RW Greg thanked everyone saying he was humbled and overwhelmed by the turnout. He loves being a Brother in the Queens District and hopes the ride will never end! Special thanks to RW George, the best Staff Officer, W Andy his ‘son’ and even RW Larry Hammel for all the phone calls!


The current DDGM of the Queens District RW Richard Blankfein spoke last. He said that RW Greg took over RW Tom Nazario’s work when RW Tom passed, because, “Someone had to do it!” RW Richard said RW Greg is the one person who gives him all the information about the District and now RW Greg needs to learn how to scuba dive. RW Greg and RW Joe Saglimbene are the ones who fought to give all Masons the opportunity to become part of the Queens Masonic Association.


With that, RW Jay Austin gave the Benediction and we all left knowing a lot more about our great Brother RW Gregory Noulas!


Submitted by,  W Nicholas Isabella












































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MW Froessel Award

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