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Dedication Service & Breakfast

The Seventy-First Masons and Families Dedication Service and Breakfast

The Breakfast was opened with a Call to Worship and the Presentation of the Colors by the Masonic War Veterans headed by Commander General RW Brian E Will. The Pledge of Allegiance and singing of America the Beautiful came next followed by Hymns, Scripture Reading and Blessing of the Food, which was done by RW Stenrick B. Adams, RW Kenneth E. Wagner and RW Ronald J. Reid. It was a beautiful morning for our Breakfast, looking across the water at our own Borough, Queens, it was such a grand sight watching the sun rise through the mist. The beginnings of a wonderful day.

We then had a very nice breakfast with coffee and different juices, after which, RW Walter J. Wasnieski III, President of the Metropolitan District Deputies Association, introduced the Dias, Ladies and Guest Speaker MW Dorian R. Glover, Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the State of New York, our Keynote Speaker.

MW Glover spoke about how God is a great part of our Nation’s history and how recently lawmakers have been trying to take God out of our daily lives. But, we as Masons realize how much God is in our lives and all the lives of those around us. God has blessed our country with great and powerful things and we should keep on praising Him personally and nationally.

MW Glover then spoke to us about seeking the “Light” and how Prince Hall, even though he was from Boston, he came to be a Mason in an Irish Lodge on March 6, 1775. He wanted his African Brothers to “Make it your study to live up to your precepts of Masonry. Keep your Obligations in mind as well as the GAOTU.” MW Glover spoke of how his mother helped him to become a lawyer and how we should always enjoy our Brothers company with food and good cheer. What we leave behind us is more important than what we do from day to day.

He then thanked the Grand Lodge of New York for recognizing all of Prince Hall. Through our common vision, “Enhancing Society”, we have what we need, we just need to take out the Square and Compasses to ALL of society so that the world will understand what Masonry is all about. “What came you here to do?” We recognize that we must build all things upon a firm foundation, on a well spent Life. Don’t criticize, do the work in the world, our world is lacking friendship, brotherly love and wisdom. Our global framework should be based on Masonic Love. Faith is as universal as is the ability to see past outward appearances. Faith, Love and God these are the things we all hold dear.

MW William J. Thomas, Grand Master of Masons of the State of New York, then held our inquisitive minds with information about Prince Hall, that he was born in Massachusetts, lived in the Boston area and how he was raised in an Irish Military Lodge. MW William J. Thomas then spoke of the bands of workmen working in the Quarry and how we are all Master Workers, working to better our own lives as well as all those around us. He then presented the Wendell K. Walker Award to MW Dorian R. Glover saying that this award is given only to a True Builder of Men, a supporter of all men around him. The award was gratefully received by MW Dorian R. Glover.

MW William then expressed glad tidings to Bob & Natalie Stack for 62 years of happy marriage. Then he thanked RW Joe Saglimbene for coordinating the Breakfast this year. He also thanked the Chaplains for their service this morning. Most of all thanking his wife Susan for being with him this morning. MW William told us a story about two farmers have a very hard disagreement, they lived on adjoining farms and were brothers. One brother put up a fence to separate their farms, the other brother was furious, and hired a traveling carpenter to make an even higher fence on his property line. But, the carpenter, being a fixer of things made a bridge. This infuriated the brother and seeing his brother on the bridge he ran over to him. When they met the other brother grabbed the angry one and held him close and said he didn’t see how they could ever be fighting. They both apologized to each other and lived better lives knowing that they would support each other. We all should support each other any way that we can. Build Bridges not fences!!!

The RW Kenneth Wagner then gave the closing prayer. It really was a wonderful Breakfast, I’m glad I went, if you didn’t go, you should try to go to the next one. Thanks to all the Brothers there, hope to see you there next year.



W Nick Isabella

Queens District Historian



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