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Grand Lecturer's Convention

This year the Grand Lecturers Convention for the Queens District was held at Advance Masonic Temple in Astoria. The Grand Lecturer, RW Richard J. Kessler, opened the meeting by giving a well-deserved Meacham Award to Queensboro Lodge.

In his lecture the R W Richard broke down the parts of the Senior Deacon’s lecture in the Fellowcraft Degree. He proceeded to show us that there are many things mentioned in the lecture that have a much deeper meaning. R W Richard said that we are building ourselves and we must stop every once in a while, to take a look at what we’ve done and ponder what is coming up, which is usually harder then what we have been through!

The two pillars or columns, Boaz and Jachin, are similar to the Kabala, in that we view the world from the middle. God is the power that connects two dissimilar ideas (hence the two columns) with you walking through the center, YOU are the third column, the center keeping a balance between Jachin and Boaz! Three is an important number in Masonry!

Brother Kessler then spoke about the “Three Precious Jewels”, the Attentive Ear, to listen well. The Instructive Tongue to teach your Brothers, and the Faithful Breast, to keep the mysteries of Freemasonry.

He then told us about the Five Orders of Architecture and how they correspond to the different stages of Life and how learning skill sets to help us at being useful in society. He then spoke of the Seven Arts and Sciences and how these help us to think, communicate and present our thoughts.

RW Kessler then brought up a valid point, as Masons we are Builders not destroyers, and we must build our own temple more glorious than King Solomon’s Temple. The news said that 9-11 destroyed buildings and everyone’s lives, this may be true, but, each and every one of us has come back through Masonry.

He also spoke about the letter “G” and that it stands for Geometry and for God that it does not give us mixed signals, because we cannot build Temples to our God without Geometry. The “G” symbolizes God all around us and because of Masonry that God is also within us.

At that point in the evening RW Kessler thanked us all for our insights and questions and dismissed us after a prayer.

If you ever have a chance to go and hear RW Richard J. Kessler, don’t miss it and let me know where he will be speaking as well.



W Nick Isabella

Queens District Historian




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