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2019 Cornucopia Awards Night

On Tuesday September 17, 2019, Cornucopia Lodge held its 3,993rd Stated   Communication for the purpose of Awards Night for Years of Service. This Gala Event, celebrating years of service to the Lodge and Masonry, was held in Queens at the Whitestone Masonic Temple, during Cornucopia’s meeting night. Two of the distinguished Brothers receiving awards were RW Robert J. Servidio for Fifty (50) years of service and RW Marino Cesarini for Forty (40) years of service. These two Brothers have valiantly served Cornucopia Lodge and Masonry as a whole,doing so much to keep our Fraternity going that their names are synonymous  with the Queens District and New York Masonry! You should ask both of them what all the letters after their names mean to Masons! These are high honors!

These Brothers have given all of us so much “Light” that so many of us have become shining examples of Brotherly Love and reminding us all what we should be doing in our communities and Masonry to foster better understanding  of all people and for Masonry. I personally thank both of these Brothers for their contributions to all of our lives! 

Respectfully Submitted,

W Nicholas V. Isabella DSA

Queens Historian


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