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Masonic Safety ID

          The objective of the New York Masonic Safety Identification (MSID) Program is to assist law enforcement agencies in the safe and timely recovery of lost or missing Children, Students, College Students, Adults or Senior Citizens. In addition, provide information applicable to each group that will assist them in remaining safe. The MSID Program is compatible with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services Program for Missing and Exploited Children. The information produced on the CD can be quickly broadcast to local law enforcement agencies, or to the Amber Alert Network should the need arise.


          The Masonic Safety ID Program is the most comprehensive identification service currently available to our communities. Through the benevolence of the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of New York this service is brought FREE-OF-CHARGE to all participants.


          The centerpiece of the Safety ID Program is the E-Z Child ID System. It produces a mini CD-Rom that serves as a recovery tool that can be used to assist in locating and identifying a missing Child, Student, College Student, Adult or Senior Citizen. The CD-Rom is imprinted with a file that contains critical identification attributes (i.e. name, age, sex. race, parents name, address, phone numbers, height, weight, any distinguishing characteristics, color of eyes and hair), as well as a digital photograph and digital fingerprints of the subject. An Identification Card is printed out, laminated and provided to the parent or individual undergoing the ID Procedure. All information entered on our computer is deleted for the safety and confidentiality of the individual undergoing the ID procedure. The CD-ROM also contains safety information applicable to the age group undergoing the ID procedure.


          This program provides Masons with the opportunity to bring before their community, by example, the principles of their craft. By increasing awareness of what Masonry means and what Masons do, we promote the public image of our Fraternity.


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