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RW Thomas Nazario


Anchor Astoria Lodge #729, September 26, 2017, we all entered solemnly and took our place among the Family, Brothers and friends in the Lodge room. RW Thomas J. Nazario, his work completed, passed from this Level to the next Degree on August 28, 2017. His passing, though untimely by our standards, was needed for his work with something greater by the GAOTU. This was a shock to all who knew him, for he was a beloved Man, Father, Brother and a true Mason who would do anything for you, if within his power!


Thinking of Brother Tom brings tears and chokes me up I am among the many Brothers that loved him dearly. I know he had plans to do so much more with his Family and Masonry. We all were part of his Life as he was a tremendous part of our lives.


The Brothers at this special meeting each gave a warm heart-felt thanks to Brother Tom and to his family for the time that he had given to each of them, for Brother Tom was taken much too quickly from all of us. The room was filled with Family, Brothers and friends, but, more than that it was filled with Love for a man and Brother who Loved Life. Even though he was in constant pain, he always had a joke for you. If you called him at any hour of the day or night, he was there to listen and help in any way that he was able. If he couldn’t do it, he could find someone who could!


As I have said, he was a true Brother to every member of the Craft he met and would give you whatever you needed to get along in life. Brother Tom’s wisdom was there even after he had spent the night out with his Brothers!


A Brother who works at night told us Brother Tom would call him at 3 or 4 AM to ask him if he was hungry and then run out and pick up some food and have a meal with the Brother.


Brother Tom LOVED LIFE and he enjoyed every moment he could squeeze out of it, the good and the bad. He never complained, even if he was in pain because he loved and enjoyed, even with all the frustrations, his life and everyone that was in it.


Thank you, Brother Tom, for being my friend and Brother and I’m sure all the Brothers you have touched during your Masonic life would thank you as well. Gone, but, in no way forgotten. To Brother R W Thomas J. Nazario, thank you for being who you were.


W Nick Isabella



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