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History Of Service City Geba

 City Lodge # 408 received its Charter on September 1, 1856 as one of the Lodges in the First Masonic District. By the time of its 50th Anniversary on October 1, 1906 it was one of the 26 Lodges of the Sixth Masonic District. Our 100th Anniversary was a grand affair with a dual celebration with the 175th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of New York.

 Service Lodge # 1009 was Chartered in Flushing, NY in 1922 and the first consolidation took place when it was approved on November 1, 1973. The Lodge Service City # 1009 elected W\Murray Silver as its Master and met at the Cornucopia Temple, Flushing. R\W\Murray Silver, Secretary Emeritus, now lives in Bradenton, Florida and is still active with a Lodge there.

 Geba Lodge # 954 was Chartered in Elmhurst, NY in 1920 and the first Master was W\Samuel Landau (Father-in-law of R\W\Herman Weiss).  His jewel is passed down to the Worshipful Master every year at the Installation. On April 22, 1982 the Grand Lodge approved a Warrant consolidating to form Service City Geba Lodge # 1009. On October 6, 2006 Service City Geba Lodge celebrated its 150th Anniversary when our Grand Master M\W\Neal Bidnick along with his Grand Line were present.

 Since 1982 Service City Geba Lodge has played a prominent role in the Queens District, by giving 6 Right Worshipfuls, 2 AGLs, and 4 DSAs. We had the first winner of the R\W\Herman Weiss Award and have a total of 8 winners and 2 Medallion Honorees. It is the highest honor given in the Queens District.

 Service City Geba Lodge has also played a leadership role in Queens Masonic Association, with three of its current members having been awarded the M \W\Charles Froessel Award and 7 of its current members having been elected President.

 We were instrumental in starting the Queens United Education Program Today (QUEST) program (the longest continuous running Education program in the GL of NY) and have played a leading role for the last 38 years. When the Grand Lodge in its PR campaign put forward different episodes, one of our members arranged for the shootings at QPTV and Brothers played a role in them. We have supported the Blood Program in the District with members being Chairman and Grand Lodge Area Chairman. Our members always show up at Blood drives. Since the Child ID (Masonic Safety ID Program) started, Service City Geba Lodge has been there to play its role. We actively support the Drug and Alcohol programs in the local schools in Queens. We worked through the not-for profit Steinway Child and Family Services, Inc and distributed Turkey dinners to the poor. One of our members is currently Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Lodge has contributed "Toys for Tots" to Saint Mary's Hospital Form Children in Bayside, Queens for many years.

 Our members have been Chairman and Committee members of various GL Committees like, Custodian of Works, iDC, MUNY, Leadership Service, Youth Groups, Masonic Care Community, Credential of Lodges and Pay of Members & Representatives.



Latest Events

Tue Apr 16 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Cornucopia-2nd Degree
Wed Apr 17 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Advance Service Mizpah-DDGM Official Visit
Wed Apr 17 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Francis Lewis-MCL with Meditative Music
Thu Apr 18 @ 7:30PM -
Fri Apr 19 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Harmony-1st Degree Rehearsal
Tue Apr 23 @12:00AM
Passover Begins
Tue Apr 23 @ 7:30PM -
Springfild Gardens-3rd Degree
Tue Apr 23 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Wed Apr 24 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Master's Chair
Mon Apr 29 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
District Brotherhood Fund Table Lodge

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