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Grand Secretary's Presentation

There was a wonderful dinner at Whitestone Temple for the new Grand Secretary RW Richard T. Schulz this past October 25th, 2018. There was Brotherhood all around us and everyone enjoyed each other’s company.


Dinner was excellent and the festivities started with VW Glenn Opperman giving the Invocation after all the Delegations and Dignitaries were escorted in. The introductions were given by RW Stewart C. McCloud II and when MW William M. Sardone, our Grand Master, came in, the room was standing and applauding.


Presentation of the Colors was by the Queens Masonic Veterans.


W Andrew A. Bonomo of Queensboro Lodge # 892 gave a wonderful Masonic Biography for RW Richard T. Schulz that brought up many accomplishments that not many of us knew about. W Andrew also presented RW Richard with the Grand Secretary’s Pin. The Brothers of Lessing Lodge #608 then presented Mrs. Grace Schulz with a pin for helping RW Richard through the years.


MW Vincent Libone then presented RW Richard with a pair of cuff-links that have been handed down from Grand Secretary to Grand Secretary. Mrs. Grace Schulz then presented RW Richard with a photo-album of all the places they have traveled in the state throughout the year.


After that, the Grand Line Officers congratulated RW Richard and pledged to help him in whatever way they are needed. After all the Worshipfuls, Right Worshipfuls and Past Grand Masters had finished speaking the MW William M. Sardone thanked everyone for all their help that evening. He also thanked RW Richard for all of his help in the past and looked forward to working together with him over the next two years and vowed to help him in whatever way he was needed.


RW Richard then got up and thanked all for attending and for the help he has received over the years and promised to keep working hard for all the Brothers in Masonry. He especially thanked RW Stewart McCloud for all the help throughout the years they kept each other coming to Lodge! Thanked the Brothers of both Lodges and all the District Deputies for all their help, thanked the Grand Lodge Convention Committee and all the Past Grand Masters for all the help. He then gave his wife, Grace, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and thanked her for all her hard work in helping him get to where he is today! RW Richard then invited everyone to visit him in his office at any time. You can help him “Build the Future” with Brotherly Love and Laughter.


The Grand Chaplin gave the Benediction, the Grand Master left the room followed by the rest of us.


W Nicholas Isabella, DSA


Queens Historian



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