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2018 RW Herman Weiss Award

 On November 12, 2018, the evening began with a great cocktail hour. We were then asked to stand by our seats as RW Jay Austin gave a heartfelt Prayer after which we saluted our Flag and then sat down. We then asked all the Brothers who have served in our countries Armed Forces to stand. They stood one by one as their branch was called and the theme song was played for each, when all branches had been called we gave all the Brothers a hardy round of applause.


RW Stewart C. McCloud II was then thanked for putting the evening together and all those who had put ads in the journal were also thanked. The Masters of all the Queens Lodges and the Purple Circle were thanked for their work in the District. The Grand Line was then introduced and thanked for being there, including the Grand Master, MW William M. Sardone.


RW George Wacob then explained the RW Herman Weiss to all of us and thanked the Weiss Family for their help throughout the year. RW George then escorted W Andrew Kruzykowsky to the podium and presented him with the Medal. W Andy thanked everyone for all the help over the years, especially RW Gregory Noulas, who has been like a big Brother to him. The Grand Master MW William M. Sardone told W Andrew to wear this medal proudly and to “display it in your heart”.


RW Jay Austin then brought RW Howard E. Bonsaing, along with his wife and daughter, to the podium where MW William M. Sardone presented the Medallion and said it was “an Honor well Deserved.” Vicky, RW Howard’s daughter, said she was happy to help present the Medallion to her Dad. RW Howard thanked everyone for all their help throughout the years, especially his wife and daughter for being there all these years. His experience in the Craft has been great. He also had high praise for W Andy, that, he was always ready, willing and able to  take on anything that comes to him.


We then had dinner, after which congratulatory were given to both recipients by many Brothers in attendance. The MW William M. Sardone thanked both Brothers for all their hard work and spoke about the greenhouse in Utica. He also thanked RW George for all the work in the District and in Masonry and presented him with the Chancellor Livingston Medal for all that he has done so far! MW Sardone also said that we do what we do because we are Masons! I think that says it all.


RW Marino Cesraini asked everyone to join him in singing "God Bless America." RW Larry Hammel then gav the Benediction. It was a wonderful evening Honoring two great Brothers.


W Nicholas Isabella, DSA

District Historian






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