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2019 RW Herman Weiss Award

The Purple Circle had their 31st Annual Herman Weiss Award Dinner and Dance on November 11, 2019 honoring VW Devin Rincon and RW Robert J. Servidio. The evening began with RW Jay Austin giving a prayer and then the Queens District Color Guard presented the Flag of Our Country. Then in honor of all the Armed Services, each group was asked to stand and their service song was played. Then everyone was asked to stand for the 244th Anniversary of the Marines and hardy congratulations were given to all the Marines present!

RW Stewart McCloud II was thanked for putting the program together   then was called up to the podium.  RW Stewart called all of the Brothers who were members of the Purple Circle to stand and they were all thanked for their service to Masonry.

The Grand Line was introduced and the Grand Master, MW William M. Sardone was asked to come to the podium. The Grand Master then had VW Devin Rincon and his Lady escorted to the podium where the Grand Master presented VW Devin with the RW Herman Weiss Medal. Then he had RW Robert Servidio and his Lady escorted to the podium where the Grand Master presented RW Robert with the RW Herman Weiss Medallion Certificate, the Medallion was presented by MW Vincent Libone.

VW Devin  thanked everyone who had helped him over the years to get to this point in his Masonic career, especially RW Thomas J Nazario. RW Robert thanked all those who helped him over his Masonic years for the time that they gave to him and to this Fraternity. Then we all sat down to eat.

After dinner RW Richard Blankfein asked that everyone thank all of our Veterans and said that he was very grateful to all the Brothers for the time that they give to our Fraternity, and for coming out to honor and give thanks not only to VW Devin and RW Bob, but also to honor our Veterans!

RW Richard Kessler Deputy Grand Master wanted everyone to thank all of our Vet’s and the Brothers who did all the work to get everything right for this evening. He said he was also grateful to the Queens District for all the courtesies extended to him and the Grand Line. Then he introduced the Grand Master.

The Grand Master relayed to us that the New York Police Department had arrested the person responsible for throwing the Molotov cocktail by the Grand Lodge! He then told us that the Horticulture Center in Utica was almost finished and invited everyone to help fund the Center by purchasing a “Brick” to help support this endeavor. The next thing the Grand Master is going to be doing is building a Model Railroad building up in Utica, “let’s get this building up and running too!”

The Grand Master then spoke about the things the Masonic Youth are doing and how strong the boys and girls Lodges have become over the past few years. He then introduced Adriana Ramirez to speak about the Triangle Girls and their mission to helping our communities.

Next, MW William M. Sardone called up W Michael Holtz and made him a Chevalier of DeMolay and W Michael swore that he would serve DeMolay in the coming years.


As all the excitement wore down RW Larry Hammel gave a thoughtful Benediction to close the festivities. But, we still had plenty of time left to dance to our D.J. Everyone had a great evening.

W Nicholas Isabella, DSA

District Historian









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