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          The District Advisor is one of the senior members of the District who is a past Grand Lodge Officer or a past Grand Line Officer and who has been actively involved in the District, State and in Grand Lodge and is knowledgeable of the activities and working of Grand Lodge.




          It is his responsibility to assist the District Deputy Grand Master and Grand Lodge Staff Officer in consoling them when needed. He is there to give advice and recommendations and to ensure that proper procedures are followed as mandated by Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge Constitutions and Masonic Law.




          It is my privilege to be the Queens District Advisor/Supervisor. I believe that the Queens District is among the very best, if not the best, District in our Grand Jurisdiction. Some might say that this may sound pompous, however if you take a good look at what this District offers to its members and look at how many of our Brothers are in key Grand Lodge Committees I think you will agree with me that we belong to a great District.  




          The only way for you, as a Brother in the Queens District, to find out whether or not I am correct, is to come out to the numerous activities and educational seminars and course that take place in our District and see for yourself. Our John C. Ross School of Instruction is second to none and our QUEST program has been continuous for 34 years. The Masonic Safety ID (formally Child ID) is the brain child of our own R\W\Kenneth Wagner who started it in 1990. We have 2 Brothers who serve on the Custodians of the Work, 7 Brothers on the Leadership and Educational Services Committee and numerous of these Brothers serve on other Grand Lodge Committees as well.  This means that you have access to a great deal of information available to you in the District.




          I have always said that you will only get out of Masonry what you put into Masonry. It is up to you to put time into your Lodge and District to really appreciate how great this fraternity of ours really is.  In order to appreciate and understand what you have you need to be out there to experience what you have. If you are content with sitting at home saying that you are a Mason you should not complain about your Lodge or Masonry. Instead come out, participate, be active and get involved, be part of Masonry in perhaps the best District in the State.




Sincerely and Fraternally,




R\W\Gregory Noulas Queens District Advisor





















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