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Grand Lodge Committees


R\W\George Wacob (Chairman)

R\W\Gregory Noulas (Vice-Chairman Metro)


Camp Turk


W\Warren C. Ernst



R\W\Howard E. Bonsaing (Consultant)


Commissioner of Appeals

R\W\Marino Cesarini



R\W\Stewart C. McCloud II


Credentials of Members & Returns of Lodges

R\W\Edward A. Chiani

R\W\Jamshed R. Ghadiali


Custodians of the Work

R\W\Lawrence J. Hammel, Jr. (Emeritus)

R\W\Stewart C. McCloud II (Emeritus)



R\W\Marino Cesarini


Grand Lodge Convention

R\W\Greg J. Artinger

R\W\Edward A. Chiani

R\W\Richard T. Schulz (Ex-Officio)


Grand Master's Executive Committee

R\W\Joseph J. Saglimbene

R\W\Richard T. Schulz 


Law Enforcement

R\W\Robert J. Servidio


Leadership & Educational Services

R\W\Gregory Noulas

R\W\Marino Cesarini (Consultant)


Liaison Officers of Grand Lodge


R\W\Joseph J. Saglimbene


Long Range Planning

R\W\Marino Cesarini


Masonic Brotherhood Fund

W\Christopher Kane


Masonic Youth

W\Ernest G. Mendler

W\Javier A. Ramirez


Military Outreach

R\W\Howard E. Bonsaing 

R\W\James Maskiell


Pay of Members & Representatives

R\W\Edward A. Chiani

W\Ramon Miller, Sr.


Ritual Renaissance Program

R\W\Stewart C. McCloud II (Chairman)

R\W\Lawrence J. Hammel, Jr. (Vice-Chairman)



R\W\Edward A. Chiani 


VA Hospital Outreach

R\W\Richard S. Blankfein


Latest Events

Fri Feb 16 @ 7:30PM -
Harmony-Masonic Education
Sat Feb 17 @ 8:45AM - 02:30PM
Blood Drive
Tue Feb 20 @ 7:30PM -
Wed Feb 21 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Advance Service Mizpah-1st Degree
Wed Feb 21 @ 7:30PM -
Francis Lewis-1st Degree
Tue Feb 27 @ 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Springfield Gardens-Masonic Education
Tue Feb 27 @ 7:30PM -
Anchor-Astoria-Masonic Education
Wed Feb 28 @ 7:30PM -
School of Instruction
Sun Mar 03 @ 8:30AM -
Dedication Service & Breakfast
Wed Mar 13 @ 7:30PM -
Grand Lecturer's Convention

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