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My Brothers,








 This week seems to be a slow week.




Tomorrow night, Cornucopia Lodge is having a Brother bring a Friend Night.




Wednesday Evening Service City Geba is conferring an Entered Apprentice degree.




Congratulations to Service City Geba they have really worked to build back their Lodge.                                                             




Please remember next Wednesday at the John C Ross School of Instruction, we can all see the Hiramic Drama performed in full costume.




Also, the Purple Circle will be providing a Dinner for all of us.




To my EA's and FC's, you are more than welcomed to attend the dinner. This is a way for all of you to meet n greet your Brothers.




All W Masters, contact your EA's and FC's and invite them to attend. I will ask them if you did this. Don't let me down. I really do not like being ignored.




If any Brother can contact any EA or FC please invite them. If necessary, I will sit downstairs with them and chat.




ALL Masters Must contact RW Larry Hammel to reserve. His number is in the District booklet. The Purple book that was supposed to be handed out to everyone in September. If any Brother did not receive one contact me and I will call the Master of your Lodge, not the Secretary.




C & F




Joseph J Saglimbene




DDGM Queens District


























My Brothers,




The Road To The East, seminar is being held Saturday November 14th and Saturday November 21st at Church of the Redeemer Church 221st St and Union Tpke.




If you are working your way up the line you are obligated to take the course.




All Brothers can of course take it also. You’re never too young or old to learn.




Contact RW John McKoy to reserve 631 492-7164.




Tuesday evening Advance Island City Mizpah Lodge honored Brother Chris Pappas a 55 Year Brother. Thank you to all who attended that evening.




I thank the Brothers of Queensboro Lodge for a great evening last night. Also, all the Brothers who attended.




Thursday November 12th, Master Mason Degree at Queensboro Lodge. More info Monday morning.




THURSDAY EVENING NOVEMBER 19th. Queensboro Lodge will honor RW Noel Grebinger a 90-Year-old Brother and 10 times Master of Tadmor Lodge.




Many of you do not know Noel. I am sure Noel will be honored to greet you all. Perhaps a birthday card from each Lodge will brighten his day.




I ask that you please try to attend. His personal history will impress all of you.




Let's show how the Queens District honors each other,




Herman Weiss Dinner Reservations Monday is the final day for journal ads.




PLEASE PAY for Dinner In Advance.




C & F




Joseph J Saglimbene




DDGM Queens District























































































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